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Spring 2019


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Fall 2014

  • Update: saturated fats not so bad after all.
  • Extreme-ly simplistic thinking.
  • Economical eggs one answer to vitamin D deficiency.
  • Literature evaluation for credible communications.
  • Breaking common misperceptions about egg nutrition.
  • 2014 ENC research grant and dissertation fellowship recipients.

Summer 2014

  • The role of the brain, ‘food cues,’ in overeating.
  • Vitamin D: a stronger link to health.
  • Complexity of individual variability in nutrition.
  • New research in fight against childhood obesity.
  • Low-carb training getting mileage with endurance athletes.

Spring 2014

  • Protein distribution: the case for a meal-driven approach to dietary protein consumption.
  • Published nutrition research: rising above the skepticism.
  • Dietary guidelines for americans: engaging change.
  • Beneficial effects of a reduced carbohydrate diet in PCOS.
  • Post-workout protein speeds recovery after exercise.

Winter 2014

  • Power up protein at breakfast.
  • Weighing in on 2014.
  • An overview of diabetes meal planning.
  • Top 5 lessons for runners.
  • New cardiovascular risk management guidelines.

Fall 2013

  • Optimizing female fertility through diet.
  • Our ever-evolving view of the foods we eat.
  • Unintended consequences of eating by headlines.
  • MyPlate meal planning.
  • “What’s not to like about eggs?”
  • 2013 ENC research grand and dissertation fellowship recipients.

Summer 2013

  • Eggs may protect against metabolic syndrome by raising HDLs and by increasing circulating carotenoid levels.
  • Fighting back against sarcopenia.
  • Pediatric food allergies.
  • ENC eNewsletter Nutrition Research Update.
  • New Education Tool.

Spring 2013

  • The effects of protein quantity and timing of consumption on appetite control, satiety and body weight management.
  • Nutritional needs for female runners.
  • The truth behind dietary cholesterol and lipids.
  • Nutrition research update.
  • New education tool – “The Yolk: A Nutrient Goldmine”

Fall 2012

  • Is diet quality inversely related to health outcomes.
  • How do you interpret nutrition research findings.
  • Protein content of the diabetes diet: are we ready for change?
  • Help your patients at risk for type 2 diabetes; resources from the national diabetes education program.
  • ENC teacher exchange: an egg nutrition center program.

Summer 2012

  • Lutein: protection from the eye to the brain.
  • Protein intake: the key to healthy aging.
  • HDL function is an important indicator of cardiovascular disease risk.
  • Encouraging delicious gluten-free menu planning.
  • Consumer attitudes about protein.
  • New features on Refreshed ENC website.

Spring 2012

  • From malnourished to “misnourished”: when was the last time you ate a school lunch.
  • The vitamin D Quandary: are there health benefits to increased intake.
  • Protein preferences in the Hispanic community.
  • Dietary cholesterol: is it time to re-think long held beliefs?
  • 2012 tracking survey: what health professionals think.

Winter 2012

  • Helping customers shop for health: the emerging role of the supermarket dietitian
  • Baked egg improves egg tolerance in egg allergic children
  • New research: lean beef in DASH-style diet improves heart health
  • Understanding cholesterol metabolism, eggs and type 2 diabetes
  • Inform, Research and Communicate
  • Are obese individuals more sensitive to high calorie foods?
  • Is choline intake related to memory loss in aging adults?

Fall 2011

  • The role of protein in weight management
  • Importance of eating a nutrient-dense diet during pregnancy
  • Addressing childhood obesity: helping kids eat better in restaurants
  • Protein distribution to maintain lean mass with age
  • Rethinking dietary cholesterol
  • Protein enhances benefits of exercise during weight loss
  • A new look at middle aged weight gain
  • ENC childhood obesity roundtable
  • ENC protein webinar
  • ENC is a national strategic partner of the MyPlate/MiPlato Program

Winter/Spring 2011

  • Eggs and evidence-based nutrition in the dietary guidelines for Americans 2010
  • Consensus of scientific opinion on dietary cholesterol: point, counterpoint
  • Nutrition news in brief
  • The multiple metabolic roles of protein for weight loss
  • Differences and similarities: the DASH diet vs Mediterranean diet

Fall 2010

  • Is it time to be more objective about dietary cholesterol?
  • Recent USDA ARS research confirms egg cholesterol lower than previously reported
  • High quality proteins can impact circulating homocysteine levels
  • If you enjoy receiving nutrition closeup, you may also enjoy – Nutrition research update
  • Balancing nutrient density & cost
  • Conferences

Spring 2010

  • “Eggsoneration”
  • A case of confusion
  • Leucine and tissue remodeling
  • Happening at ENC
  • Eat well eat clean
  • The new website
  • Conferences

Winter 2010

  • Welcome to the new ENC
  • The way Americans eat
  • The need for high quality protein at each meal
  • Happening at ENC
  • Menu modeling to assess realists diets
  • Nutrition news
  • Conferences

Fall 2009

  • Higher choline levels associated with reduced risk of neural tube defects in folate-fortified population
  • Dietary factors associated with coronary heart disease: how strong is the evidence?
  • Special feature: egg nutrition research presented at experimental biology 2009
  • Choline: an essential nutrient for public health

Spring 2009

  • Egg consumption during weight loss has no significant impact on serum lipids
  • Eggs and dietary cholesterol – an international perspective
  • Prioritizing modifiable lifestyle factors to reduce the risk of CHD: a relative risk analysis
  • Eggs and cholesterol: erasing the mythology- a UK perspective

Summer 2008

  • Egg Consumption, lifestyle factors, and all-cause mortality in the physicians’ health study I
  • Special feature: Egg nutrition research presented at experimental biology 2008
  • Eggs enhance anti-inflammatory effects of carbohydrate-restricted diets
  • Choline intake and breast cancer risk
  • No diet for older, overweight, inactive, hypertensive and hypercholesterolemic men who smoke and drink

Spring 2008

  • Including eggs in a reduced-carbohydrate diet improves HDL levels in overweight men
  • Dietary saturated and trans fats associated with subclinical atherosclerosis
  • Read it again… for the first time
  • Low protein intake might increase risk for age-related sarcopenia
  • Give me a break – perverse news from good science

Winter 2008

  • Egg intake and the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Dairy, egg, and whole grain intake and the risk of heart failure
  • Influence of dietary quality on C-reactive protein concentrations
  • Good egg, bad egg and lifestyle factors
  • AEB-ENC research fellowship announcement

Fall 2007

  • Changes in plasma lutein with egg intake are associated with BMI in postmenopausal women
  • Special feature: egg nutrition research presented at experimental biology 2007
  • Read it again… for the first time
  • Different strokes for different folks
  • New choline brochure from the egg nutrition center

Summer 2007

  • Results of the A to Z weight loss study
  • Special feature: egg nutrition research presented at experimental biology 2007
  • Read it again… for the first time
  • An A to Z sacrilege of dietary belief

Spring 2007

  • NHANES confirms – an egg a day is okay
  • Read it again… for the first time
  • Dietary fat intake and CHD risk in American Indian adults: results of the strong heart study
  • Frequent egg intake and CHD incidence in Japan
  • How green was my valley
  • Pregnancy food guide offers health advice for moms-to-be

Winter 2007

  •  Both high- and low-carbohydrate diets confer unique benefits in treating the metabolic syndrome
  • Mediterranean diet might be especially protective for diabetic adults
  • Read it again… for the first time
  • Refined carbohydrate intake associated with macular degeneration
  • Good news, bad news

Fall 2006

  • Birth weight and diet sensitivity
  • Taking a close look at trans-fats: the verdict is in but is the case closed?
  • Read it again… for the first time
  • Timing of maternal undernutrition related to CAD risk
  • Genetic polymorphism modifies response to dietary cholesterol
  • Now it starts to make sense

Summer 2006

  • “Low-fat” diet advice for women: is the verdict still out?
  • Protein, ghrelin, and perceived satiety
  • Read it again… for the first time
  • High cholesterol intake influences chylomicron remnant metabolism
  • A burnt out bulb in the guiding light

Spring 2006

  • Egg breakfast increases satiety and reduces energy intake
  • Read it again… for the first time
  • Influence of egg intake on lipid profiles and plasma carotenoids: implications of the elderly
  • Do genetic variations affect plasma lipid response to dietary cholesterol?
  • Something old, something new (nothing borrowed, nothing blue

Winter 2006

  • Egg intake improves macular pigment density
  • Dietary lipids unrelated to ovarian cancer
  • Read it again… for the first time
  • Choline intake may be insufficient for many adults in the U.S.
  • Letter to the editor Dr. David Kritchevsky