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Egg nutrition resources
& recipes toolkit

This toolkit contains shareable resources highlighting the nutritional benefits of eggs. Inside you’ll find a dozen topics that provide key information, research findings and examples of how eggs can be a practical nutrition solution.

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Easter eggs Download
High-quality protein Download
Fitness nutrition Download
Pregnancy/cognition Download
First 1000 days Download
Better breakfast Download
Eggs & diabetes Download
Back to school Download
Eggs & heart health Download
Eggs & dieting Download
Busy lifestyles Download
Eating on a budget Download


Fueling fitness with protein Watch video Download video
3 things to know about feeding your baby Watch video Download video
Nutrition Necessities Watch video Download video
How eating an egg impacts your health Watch video Download video
First 1000 Days Nutrition with Kelly Jones, MS, RD, CSSD Watch video Download video
Nutrition for Athletes with Kelly Jones, MS, RD, CSSD Watch video Download video
Put an egg on it with Tawnie Kroll, RDN Watch video Download video
Eggs in a Plant-Based Diet with Whitney English, RDN Watch video Download video
Nutrients in Eggs Important for Brain Health by Maggie Moon, MS, RD Watch video Download video
Savory Oatmeal with Chefs Abbie Gellman, MS, RD and Julie Harrington, RD Watch video Download video
Easter eggs: did you know? Download
Whole eggs for muscle growth Download
Eggs improve eye health Download
Protein breakfast Download
Cognitive graphic Download
Cognitive Icon Download
Put an egg on it logo Download
Why eggs Download
Egg breakfast Download
Stroke risk Download
1-3 eggs per day Download
Nutrient absorption Download
Easy peel hard-bolied egg infographic Download
Eggs make cents Download
Eggs: a Holiday Hero Download
Egg allergy Download
Protein & physical performance Download


Protein & Performance Download
Lutein Download
Egg protein: a most valuable protein Download
Egg nutrients for health Download
Quick wholesome breakfast Download
Eggs belong in a weight loss diet Download
What is the Mediterranean diet Download
Your eggs — your way (recipe booklet) Download
Eggs for everybody Download
Better breakfast Download
Eggs and diabetes FAQ Download
Dietary cholesterol Download
Affordable foods Download
Eat Better. Learn Better Download
Choline facts Download
Nutrition necessities Download
Cracking the Egg Code Download
Nutrient-rich egg Download