Tools You Can Use for National Egg Month & Year Round

Happy May and National Egg Month!  Today, we’re focusing on the ENC website as a way to celebrate National Egg Month. provides you with research and other publications to use as a health professional, as well as nutrition information that you can share with your clients.


Be sure to check out the Nutrition and Research section to see what articles have been published on a variety of health and nutrition issues related eggs. On the homepage we rotate items of interest, so be sure to check back for new information. Also, under our Health Professionals tab we have useful information and tools for you such as CPE opportunities , newsletters, press releases and others.

For your clients we have a variety of education tools on cholesterol, MyPlate, protein and more. Another great resource that we have is health professional approved recipes. People have to know how to cook eggs in order to enjoy them as part of balanced diet.


The consumer side, Incredible Egg, has additional recipes, tips and more to round out the incredible edible egg.