Nutrition Research Presented at OMED 2014


ENC wrapped up our conference season this year at the Osteopathic Medical Conference and Exposition (OMED) from October 25-29, in Seattle, WA. We enjoyed interacting with osteopathic physicians and hearing more about interest in nutrition and health during the exhibit booth and during a product forum.

The product forum, titled “Challenging Nutrition Dogma: New Research on Dietary Protein and Health,” presented by Dr. Tia Rains, was well-received and inspired many questions from the audience. Dr. Rains provided a history of dietary trends over several centuries, with a focus on the “fear of fat,” which over the years has resulted in nutrition/health recommendations encouraging a decrease in the consumption of red meat, whole milk and eggs. These recommendations in turn increased the consumption of carbohydrates, specifically simple carbohydrates, but interestingly enough, did not lead to positive changes in the rates of obesity and related chronic illnesses 1.

Dr. Rains then presented an overview of the current body of evidence which suggests that protein, when distributed evenly throughout the day (about 25-30 grams of protein per meal) rather than skewed towards the evening meal, enhances muscle protein synthesis and also has positive associations with improvements in a variety of health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, osteoporosis and sarcopenia 2. Dr. Rains concluded the session with practical tips to balance the diet and maximize the benefits of high-quality protein, especially during the morning meal.

We’d love to hear how you have encouraged your clients to think differently about their diet. Please let us know by commenting below!



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2.  Protein summit 2007: exploring the impact of high-quality protein on optimal health. Am J Clin Nutr. 2008;87:1515S-1581S.