Meet Mickey Rubin, PhD – ENC’s New Executive Director!

I am excited to join the Egg Nutrition Center as the new Executive Director. Prior to ENC I spent almost eight years as Vice President of Nutrition Research at National Dairy Council, and it is only appropriate that I work at ENC now because my two favorite foods are cheese and eggs!

I am passionate about nutrition science and how the foods we eat impact health, and while nutrition science has taught us a great deal over the years there is still much more to learn. That is why working at a place like ENC is so great, because eggs are an example of how we have come full circle in our understanding about food.

For example, eggs used to be considered bad for heart health, but not only has research demonstrated that this is not the concern it once was, we now are learning about all the potential benefits eggs can provide, such as providing a unique nutrient package that includes choline and lutein to support cognitive development.

I look forward to continuing all the great work that was done before I arrived while charting new ground and learning new things about eggs!