In the News: Unscrambling Specialty Eggs

How do you decide which eggs to buy? Does color matter? And how do eggs become fortified with omega-3’s? With the increasing variety of nutrient-enhanced and specialty eggs in today’s supermarkets, including vegetarian, organic, cage-free, free-range and omega-3, what selection will provide the most affordable nutrition? To answer these questions, Registered Dietitian Kari Kooi and the KHOU 11 news crew discuss the hard-boiled facts about the different varieties, nutritional content and economic benefits of eggs.

According to Kooi, all varieties of eggs are “nutrition powerhouses,” and healthy adults can enjoy eggs without significantly impacting their risk of heart disease. “They really have been vilified in the past because of their cholesterol content, but now science is showing that the cholesterol content of food actually has a neutral impact on blood cholesterol.”

Tell us which variety of eggs you enjoy and why!