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Myth: Egg yolks are loaded with cholesterol.
Fact: Yes, egg yolks are a natural source of dietary cholesterol. But don’t worry! Read myth #2.


Women’s Health and Fitness Day

Women often struggle to balance busy careers and family while budgeting time for health and fitness. Fortunately, the last Wednesday in September is designated as National Women’s Health and Fitness Day! A time to spotlight the importance of regular physical activity and healthy living for women. The following strategies can help many women resist the temptation to allow a busy...

Higher Protein Breakfast Reduces Hunger in Kids

Children having breakfast in the kitchenIf protein at breakfast shows benefits, it may help manage or prevent overweight in kids. Researchers at the University of Arkansas were interested in weight-related physiologic effects of high carbohydrate and high protein breakfasts among school aged kids. In focusing on kids, they noted that “In the U.S. 32% of children are overweight and 17% obese. Obesity is a major...